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Our Shipments


The reexpedition will not be applied in departures and receipts. In the rest of special reexpeditions (Andorra, Ceuta, Melilla, Gibraltar, Canary Island, Azores, Madeira and International), the current general rate will be applied.

5 % of the declared value will be invoiced for the management service of charging the goods with COD clause. The minimum commission will be 3.30 EUR and the maximum will be 66 EUR (maximum value per shipment 5,000 EUR).

8 % will be applied in postages to cover the insurance.
DHL Express ignores the content and the value of the goods. Our responsibility of any damage, loss or breakdown that may happen to the goods is limited up to 15 EUR per transported kilogram and with a maximum of 1650 EUR per shipment.

In cases where the value of the goods exceeds our responsibility, our organization offers you the possibility of hiring an all-risks insurance policy according to the following requirements at the moment of the receipt:
- Declaration of content and value.
- Payment of a 1 % bonus over the assured capital (min. 5.25 EUR) and up to a maximum of 100,000 EUR.

The receiver is obliged to immediately examine if the shipment shows any damage or if it is complete. The eventual damages during the transport that cannot be examined from the outside must be communicated to us in writing within a maximum period of 24 hours from the moment of the delivery.

The actions derived from the transport contract prescribe one year later.

The delivery terms are non-contractual standards that exempt the company from a direct responsibility.

The marker measure of 250 kilos per cubic metre will be applied, except to the Canary Islands by air, where the ratio of 200 kilos per cubic metre is considered.

All shipments to the Canary Islands must go with the documentation necessary to proceed to the customs broking as in the origin as in the destiny. This documentation consists of the original commercial invoice and three copies where all data of the exporter and the consignee are. It is essential that the kind of transit chosen for these shipments (by air/sea) is stated on the departure note.


The amount of any fraction will always be superior to its prior in kilograms.

Those goods considered dangerous according to the ADR regulations will not be accepted for the transport.

Likewise, those goods that are not easy to manipulate according to their characteristics and/or dimensions will not be accepted (goods over 2 metres long or over 500 Kg per unit except the palletized ones according to the DIN regulation).


The goods collection will be processed through the DHL EXPRESS delegation responsible of the area where the goods are collected.

The collections must be ready at the place, date and time agreed. For the agility of our system not to be affected, if the goods are not ready at the place and time agreed, our collection vehicle could not carry out the collection. It would be then automatically cancelled.

For this reason, in case that the collection cannot be done because of other causes unconnected with our organization, the collection application would have to be processed again.


1. – Islands Departure from the peninsula 20.50 EUR per shipment

The corresponding taxes APIC and IGIC and the entry tax to the Canary Islands in case of importations must be added to these amounts.

Any service not included in this offer will be ruled by the general conditions of the DHL EXPRESS rate.


General Conditions


The following items are not considered as documents: Photolithograph and photographs.

Parcels Service:

For shipments to EU countries:
It is not necessary to attach any pro forma invoice of the goods. Just the description is needed. And only in case of assuring the shipment it will have to be given to know and justify the insurer the value of the goods.
For shipments to non-EU countries:
It is necessary to attach a pro forma invoice in Spanish and English. These shipments can be subject to fees that normally will be paid by the consignee. In case that the sender wants to assume the costs, they will have to notify previously with the receipt in order to carry out the processing in those cases where it is feasible.

Transunión S.A. will not accept the following items for the shipment through the courier service: cash, bearer cheques, credit cards without signature, pieces of jewellery, ingots or similar, antiques, stamps, precious metals, orders of payment, plants, drugs, tobacco, works of art, precious stones, traveller’s cheques, animals, perishable combustible or dangerous products or materials, goods or objects whose transport is forbidden by any legal requirements, regulations or any of any other level, announced by competent authorities from any of the origin, transit or destiny countries.

Transit times:
The terms indicated (transit days – working days) do not include weekends, public holidays in any of the countries where the expedition goes through. The transit times established refer to expeditions sent from Spain. Transit times are not guaranteed when the shipments are sent to fairs, individuals or consignees whose reception is subject to time restrictions.

Weights and measures:

All goods will be weighed and measured before the shipment, either when they are collected (all our vehicles have a weighing and goods measuring system) or when they arrive to our warehouses, before they are packed in the plane.
Any expedition with a weight over 65 Kg per piece of luggage and/or special measures (more than 3m long) will have to be notified in advance in order to confirm which kind of service can be use, and so adapting ourselves to the price and transit time of the moment. Otherwise, those pieces of luggage can be retained. If there is any noteworthy difference between our data and the ones provided by the shipper, they would be also retained.


Packaging will be exclusive responsibility of the customer. The goods must be properly packaged and labelled by the customer. They must also be properly protected according to the product characteristics. For the shipment of bottles, we offer a specially designed packaging to protect this kind of goods (not included in the published rates).
Transunión S.A. offers re-packaging and protection services to all the customers. Please ask.

Collect application form:
Collection timetable depending on the guideline that marks the office on charge in the area.
Application forms can be done by the following means:
By means of our e-delivery note that the customer will find in our website www.transunion.es
Per telephone, fax or through the e-mail addresses that we provide for that purpose.

Automatic confirmations per e-mail:
Transunion authorizes in its system a e-mail address that, when it is provided by the customer, will be recipient of.
Departure (pre-alert) confirmation.
Incidences (if there were any).
Proof of final delivery.

Delays non attributable to the Agency:

The fact that the transported goods are not delivered by absence or refuse of the consignee, fault of their data or non-payment of the amounts emerged from the postage done (postage, insurance, taxes, expenses…) will be the sender’s responsibility. The sender must hold all the charges that come from that incidence, including if it happens, the price and further expenses of the goods postage caused by the return to the origin or subsequent deliveries and the repercussion of the corresponding insurance.

Responsibility limits, insurance, complaint terms and complaint period:

Transunion S.A. is not obliged to study any complaint until the price of the transport has been paid (amount deductions from the complaint of the mentioned product will not be accepted).
Transunion S.A. considers that the shipment was delivered in mint condition unless the consignee that has accepted it states in our delivery receipt the existence of a damage. In order that we can take into account a complaint by damage, as the content as the original packaging must be at our disposal so they can be inspected.
The sender can ask the agency for the hiring with the insurance company that the agency considers appropriate, also for an additional insurance that covers, with declaration of real value, the damages that the goods may suffer up to their stated value. The price of this insurance will be 1 % of the sated value with a minimum of 23 EUR. In case that this insurance is not hired, the responsibility limits established in each moment by the international regulation of transport will be applied.
Breakdown or delay complaints will have to be made in writing in front of the carrier within the fourteen days after the delivery or after the date when the delivery had to be carried out (see area/transit table). The lack of this previous complaint will prevent the exercise of the corresponding actions.
The customer will be obliged to pay the price at the agreed moment. In case that any of the credit terms is not completely fulfil, the amounts not paid by the customer shall accrue a late payment interest equivalent to the EURIBOR average rate per year from the day of the calculation plus two percentage points calculated based on the debt due from the date that it had have to be satisfied until the date that it is completely paid.

For any kind of lawsuit that can strike among the parties, the only competence of the Spanish courts is agreed. These courts deals with business lawsuits regardless of the origin or destiny of the shipments.

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